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Advantages of PU Wheels

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چین Wuxi Luole Machinery Co., Ltd گواهینامه ها
چین Wuxi Luole Machinery Co., Ltd گواهینامه ها
Not only offering quality products and services, as China partner, they spent much time helping us solving our problems. Thank you very much!

—— Andrew

I have checked many China factories, finally I chosen Luole. As Luole is the best one,professional technical team, high quality products and service.

—— Roberto Andrade, Jr.

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Advantages of PU Wheels
آخرین اخبار شرکت Advantages of PU Wheels


Advantages of PU Wheels


      Polyurethane wheels with good physical and chemical resistance, oil resistance, ozone resistance, aging


resistance, radiation resistance, low temperature and so on. Polyurethane wheels has excellent wear resistance,


abrasion resistance polyurethane wheels is very advantageous, especially in water, oil wetting medium existing


working conditions, wear resistance performance is more prominent, up general material several times to several




      Performance polyurethane wheels adjustable range, a number of indicators of physical and mechanical


properties of polyurethane wheels can be adjusted by selecting the raw materials and formulations, flexible and


change within a certain range, product performance to meet the user's unique requirements.


If you want to buy this type welding rotator , please notice this address :



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